Mozy backup — not quite the epilogue yet


Before going on vacation for a few days, I was having problems with Mozy backup. I believe it was resolved last Friday, so I fired off a full backup and took off.

I just came back and realized the backup didn’t all work. All but one file was backed up. 70.1GB did get backup, and that’s much better than before. A good sign.

The last file that didn’t get backed up correctly is a TrueCrypt container sized at 4.9GB. Apparently while I was gone, several attempts were made after my initial full backup last Friday, but every one of them ended with a “Disk full (FilesystemError3)” error. You can click on the error, and it brought you to this link. Don’t click on the link; the page had the following not quite so useful information:


Error Code Not Found
Error code not found! Please email

The Mozy folks should fix that, and while they’re at it, check the rest of the codes as well.

My original hunch was that the 4.9GB file was too large. Before changing to a larger drive, my previous container was sized at 3GB, and that file backed up just fine. The Mozy site indicates the following:

Are there any size limits or other constraints to the types of files I can back up?
You can back up pretty much any type or size of file. However, a few operating-system specific files can’t be backed up, like the pagefile or prefetch files on Windows.

Based on the FAQ, I’d expect that there shouldn’t be a problem with the file size. Since I have over 20GB of space on my temp drive, temp space shouldn’t be an issue either.

I’ll need to email the tech support again to figure this out. t’s been a long road trip and I’m quite tired now, so I’ll do that tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned…


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