Mozy backup problem continues


I’m having a backup problem with Mozy — nothing is getting backed up.

Two days after sending an email to tech support, I finally got a reply from them:

Hello, and thank you for contacting Mozy technical support,

Please download our newest version by doing the following:

1. Log in at
2. Click the “Download Mozy” link on the left.
3. Click on the “Download for Win” button if you use Windows or the “Download for Mac” button if you use a Mac.

After you upgrade to this new version, be sure to remove Mozy from your firewall and add it again since some firewalls don’t recognize software upgrades. This will ensure that your new Mozy software isn’t being blocked.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

As you can see, they’re not telling me much beyond the fact that I need a new version of the software. I emailed them again with a question asking for more details on the issue, but I’m not holding my breath for an answer.

Anyway, I install version (I was using and fired up the backup. No go. After several tries, I ‘m still not able to back up my data. I’ll get an initial burst of activity, then it dies down to nothing, and stays nothing for a very long time. Then another second or two of activity, and nothing again. Eventually, I get a ConnectError3. My current try has been going for over a half hour now, and I doubt I’ve moved more than a few MBs. I’ve doublechecked all the settings, and even turned off my firewall, but am encountering the same problem. I’ve emailed them again, so let’s see what the Mozy folks do next.

In the meanwhile, a manager at Carbonite has contacted me and offered to help with any questions and to start up an account with them. I’m not quite ready to bail on Mozy yet, but I’m discouraged to see that they’ve been pretty crappy with the customer service, and that their competitor is doing a better job than them. Don’t they know it’s easier to hold on to existing customers than to get new ones?


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