Mozy backup problems


What’s going on with Mozy? In an earlier entry, I talk about the need for backup and that I was happy with my Mozy service.

Well, Mozy is flaking on me. I haven’t had a successful backup for 4 days now. Yesterday, I sent their support an email about getting a MozyServerError6, whatever that meant, and gave them all the info their website indicated I should send. It’s been a day and I’ve not heard a peep from them.

Since then, I’ve been continuously trying to get my backup going but am now hitting MozyServerError12 instead. 12 is bigger than 6, right, so it should be more serious…

All the Mozy log tells me is that there’s a problem:
18Jun2008 22:47:34 mozybackup.exe: Error: Network recv failed: 10054
18Jun2008 22:47:34 mozybackup.exe: Error: Error sending files to servers: 0x80000004
18Jun2008 22:48:35 mozybackup.exe: Error: Connection failed to ( 10061
18Jun2008 22:48:36 mozybackup.exe: Error: Connection failed to ( 10061
18Jun2008 22:48:37 mozybackup.exe: Error: Connection failed to ( 10061
18Jun2008 22:48:38 mozybackup.exe: Finished backup with code: 0x80000001 0 1 1
18Jun2008 23:04:57 mozybackup.exe: Starting backup: 1 0 1 1
18Jun2008 23:05:22 mozybackup.exe: Finished backup with code: 0xfffffffe 0 1 1
18Jun2008 23:05:39 mozybackup.exe: Starting backup: 1 0 1 1
18Jun2008 23:06:05 mozybackup.exe: Finished backup with code: 0xfffffffe 0 1 1

I wish I knew what’s going on, and that they’d at least send out some message informing their users, if there’s a known backend problem.

I work with microprocessor designers at my company on the design software they use, and I know how important it is to keep the communication channels open, especially when there’s an issue. These Mozy folks should keep that in mind as well.

It’s a good thing I still have my local backup, otherwise I’d be really pissed. Maybe I should be looking at Carbonite instead.

Am I the only one seeing a problem, or is anyone else experiencing this as well? Chime in and let me know.


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  1. I have a very similar issue. It has been more than a month now that I have been trying to get it resolved. I think they have given up on getting it to work on my vista machine.

  2. 2 Erik

    Mine has been going strong for a while now.

  3. 3 Howard

    I just lost about 200GB !! that I had backed up with them over about 8 weeks. I got a “configuration error” on my mac cliebt and was told to reinstall the client. Their email responses are slow and pathetic.

    I wish I could undo my 2 year commitment.

  4. Wow – 200GB! That sucks.

    Doesn’t the new installation realize that your data is already on the server?

    I’ve been using Angel Backup – – for my backups and, so far, the service seems to be working reliably.

  5. 5 Mark

    Mozy appears to be going through major growing pains. Earlier this year I had amazing customer support and got at least another 30 users onto Mozy. I had another problem a month later and even though I was working with the same tech support person and the service was crap. My problem last 2 1/2 months with the backup not working right. I spent 20+ hours during this time trying tips and solutions without success.

    I asked for a refund and it was applied to my CC within hours.

    Tried Spider Oak – my backups seemed to hang and I could see the status of what was backing up. Didn’t invest anymore time on this product.

    I’m moving my online backup’s to Carbonite. Their client doesn’t seem to hammer the CPU as hard and I tested a restore that worked fine. On the downside they don’t seem to offer a DVD service if I need to restore all of my data quickly.

    If Carbonite doesn’t work, I will move to Angel backup.

    If Mozy can get through their growth, they will be a decent solution.

  6. 6 TopL

    Hi Jason,

    It seems you’re spending some time dropping the Angel Backup name in many comments (do a search for anyone interested). Also, your email has the base domain off, where Robert Hosker is apparently an Angel Backup affiliate. Can you disclose your affiliation with Angel Backup?


  7. 7 Will

    This reply from Mozy has worked for some, but I don’t know what it means:

    “I cleaned your manifest again and it should be fixed now.”

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