Best photo sharing site voting on LifeHacker


If you don’t know already, I’ve been searching for a photo hosting site for over a month now. I’ve been evaluating a bunch of sites and so far, Flickr is the best of the bunch for my needs.

Well, looks like LifeHacker is asking the same question, but the question is directed to the readers. There are currently about 300 votes, and while I’m not about to read each and every one of them now, and would prefer to wait for the final tally, it looks like Flickr and Picasaweb are the most popular. There are mentions of how good Smugmug is and then there are scattered mentions of another site I recently visited: Zenfolio.

I’m now looking at Smugmug and also plan to check out Zenfolio at some point.

If you’ve got a thought on some other site I should check out, drop me a note.



2 Responses to “Best photo sharing site voting on LifeHacker”

  1. 1 Maria

    Have you ever tried joomeo ( ) ?
    I’ve been really surprised by this photo sharing website !

  2. Is there a free photo sharing web site that lets viewers vote for their favorite photo? We are a nonprofit with a photo contest where we want members to vote for their favorite photo. Other than counting likes on Facebook, is there some photo sharing web site that would work?

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