Photo tips from National Geographic Traveler


Over the past week or so, NGT has published two articles on shooting tips:

The tips were culled from the expert photographers in their fold. While none of the tips are particularly earth shattering, they’re good reminders of how to maximize your opportunities for good photos.

In particular, from the tips of shooting landscapes, photographer Macduff Everton advised to choose a good vantage point, be it from a lower level by squatting or from a higher ground. This is good advice since I see throngs of people when confronted with a beautiful scene, instead of looking around for a good spot to shoot, basically whip out their point & shoot, with their arms outstretched and the camera gingerly between thumbs and pointer fingers, take the photo without moving a single step, then proceed to keep the camera, and off they go. Sure that’s one way to do it, but your results will be better if you took the time to explore and enjoy the area.

With advice on hand, the next step is to set forth into the weekend and photograph.



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