Wired: Previous winners, another contest, and greener pastures


Here are the winners from the previous Wired photo contest on Water:

Also, with the ending of the old contest, another one is started. This time the theme is Summer.

I apparently do not have any photos I thought embodied Summer, so nothing to show this round.

I’ve decided to stop listing the Wired photo contest, although I might still mention winners occasionally. While I like photo contests as a reason to get out of the house and shoot, the Wired contest has become merely a showcase for past work, and not a very good showcase at that. Not that I don’t appreciate being selected, I do, but everybody’s submissions seem to get lost in a sea of noise, and it’s hard to see the potential based on thumbnails. Also, does anyone have a problem with the slowness of the site?? It seems navigating the winners just isn’t as speedy as it should be.

So I’m off to greener pastures in the photo contest world. If you have a pasture you’d like to recommend, drop me a note.


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