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Likely because of leaks by magazines, Nikon has just announced the D700 — a full frame camera in the form factor of the D300 to complement the other full frame D3. It’s priced at US$3000 or €2600. Guess the EU got taken again because at the prevailing exchange rates, €2600 converts to just over US$4000. […]

In the past week, I’ve had two people ask for recommendation on buying a new camera. One was my sister-in-law, who’s taken an interest in photography, and another is a good friend of mine who indicated he wanted a DSLR and wanted a recommendation. Actually, their requests doesn’t provide me with enough information to give […]

I was looking at the stats of visitors to my site and found something interesting — it seems that a large majority of readers use Firefox 3. 36.4% in fact. Granted I don’t get a whole lot of visitation as it is, so this is by no means representative of the rest of the web […]

James Duncan Davidson has an excellent blog post about using different point of views to get unusual and unique photos. The simplest technique that normal people like me can use is to not shoot standing straight up, or from the same location as everyone else. Try a different elevation — higher or lower elevations might […]

Rapids II


A couple more photos from the same photo shoot of falling water in Whistler. Actually, it’s the same photo in color and in B&W. The base photo was a 1 second exposure. Compared to the previous entry at 14 second exposure, you can now see the white water streaks clearly, as opposed to a cloud […]