PBase added to photo hosting site search


There are much to like about PBase, but then the lack of other features, and the occasional extreme slowness kills it.

It’s been rather slow going as I lose interest in searching for a photo hosting site. I need to move faster.


  • Excellent user rights! PBase clearly states that the images uploaded by a member is owned by the member. It even indicates that the images uploaded should be the member’s own work.
  • Nice professional layout. And that’s just the main page. Once you get to your own site, you can design it pretty much in any way you like. I see member sites with different backgrounds, changing images, welcome messages, etc. It’s very configurable!
  • Visitors can add comments, vote for the images (though I didn’t search hard enough to figure out what that actually does…), and they’ve just enabled map display of geotagged images, although it’s not that well integrated into the rest of the site yet since it’s in beta testing. PBase doesn’t retain the metadata of the original images in any of the versions except if you view the original size in it’s own window. The site does have a “full exif” link but the list of data is hardly the full set.
  • The website is sometimes very slow, and it’s really annoying. Occasionally, when trying to get into one of my galleries, it’ll just keep trying to load but it doesn’t get there. And I’m on FIOS with 15Mbs down. Maybe it’s the particular gallery since it doesn’t seem to be site wide, but that’s inexcusable. It provides different sized images, making it easier for blogging, etc. Doesn’t have any way to easily geotag your photos from the website, and it also lacks editing features of other sites like Flickr, but that’s low on my priority list. No support for tagging either! Support for uploading single images or batch of zipped or tarred archive of images. However it has limitations such as not being able to handle zipped files on Opera, etc. Supports uploads of JPEGs, GIFs, TIFs. Might support others, but I couldn’t find any documentation on it.
  • Slideshow features are OK. It’s not as good as Flickr’s as it only uses a fixed image size, regardless of the size of your browser, but at least it uses a nice black background.
  • No free lunch here. It’s either $23 yearly for a measly 500MB or $60 for 1500MB. Ouch, considering what you get nowadays for free.

While PBase does give you lots of flexibility to control the look of your site, the cost and lack of features hurts PBase some when compared to other sites.


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