New York Times gallery captures excitement of Champions League football final


While I occasionally watch football (soccer to the US folks), I’m not an avid fan, but I do like a good matchup. I missed yesterday’s Champions League final, but can see the excitement captured in the NYT’s slideshow gallery. The game with Manchester United vs. Chelsea finished regulation time drawed at 1-1, went into two 15-minutes overtime, and was finally settled in the penalty shootout with Man U winning.

Note the low level of high iso grain in several of the later shots. The images seem particular clean with little chromatic noise. I wonder what cameras were used to capture the action.

The gallery reminded me of when we were in Barcelona a couple of years back when Barça beat Arsenal in that year’s Champions League final in Paris. The city erupted in celebration with what seemed like everybody and their brother rejoicing on La Rambla.

The next morning showed the effects of the celebration with litter and light fixtures bent out of shape from the merrymaking.

Barcelona after winning the Champions League finals 2006
Workers trying to bend back light fixtures after the Barça win at the 2006 Champions League finals

That was quite an experience.

Congrats to Man United fans!


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