Light impressionisms


This was a great sunny, warm and dry weekend to be out in the Pacific Northwest. My wife and I spent the weekend with our very good friends, Mike and Ellie, in Seattle, who showed us places we’ve never been to before, considering both of us graduated from college in Seattle, and just enjoying life.

We checked out Mike’s new workplace downtown Seattle, the Traver Gallery, with interesting glass sculptures, the Seattle Art Museum store, took the ferry over to BainBridge for a wonderful dinner at Cafe Nola (the halibut was the best I’ve had), and finally back in Seattle with some live music by Andre Feriante at the lounge at Hotel 1000. The next morning, we had excellent breakfast at this small cafe in Belltown, Macrina Bakery, and ended our “guided tour” at the Ballard Farmer’s Market.

I took several photos on the ferry but most weren’t particularly interesting, except this processed (B&W, strong contrast, vignetting, etc.) photo of Mike:

Staring at the sea
Staring at the sea

In the end, it’s the farmer’s market that gave me the most interesting photos. It’s still the same flowers and vegetables, but I tried a different technique by adding some motion to the regular shoots. Because of the colors and strokes, the photos have a semblance to impressionist paintings. I like what I see. I’ll likely be trying more of this in the future.

This photo of daffodils was taken while zooming inwards slightly:

Impressions of daffodils
Impressions of daffodils

This was taken with motion blur:

Impressions of purple flowers
Impressions of some purple flowers

This last shot was of asparagus, normally boring stuff, with vertical blurring, and a little color boost. The blue rubber bands definitely helped with the interest:

Impressions of asparagus
Impressions of asparagus


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  1. 1 mk

    FYI…bakery was in Queen Anne not Belltown. Nice shots. Exactly how much time do you have 😉

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