Adobe Photoshop Express hooks up with Flickr


…and Facebook and Photobucket and Picasa.

Photoshop Express has inked a deal with many photo websites to allow editing of your photos on those sites in Photoshop Express. I’ve formerly written about Photoshop Express itself and how I wasn’t going to put my photos on that site, because of it’s bad user policies, but now you don’t have to, if you wish to use the online editing capabilities.

You just need to click to login to your photo website from Photoshop Express, and it’ll load all your photos from your photo website for browsing. This transfer of images becomes rather slow if you have a lot of photos.

Editing Flickr photo on Photoshop Express
Editing a Flickr photo on Photoshop Express

While the editing controls aren’t as plentiful as a software like Lightroom, what would you expect anyway for a free online tool? It’s definitely quite sufficient for basic editing, with controls for Auto Correct, White Balance, Red Eye Removal, Fill Light, Saturation, B&W settings, etc. All I needed to correct my underexposed shot from the Portland Japanese Garden was a little exposure control and fill light. BTW, the image above hasn’t been corrected yet, in case you’re wondering.

Once you’re done, Photoshop Express will save the edited image as a different photo with the same name into your original photo site. If you’re happy, you can now delete the old photo.


2 Responses to “Adobe Photoshop Express hooks up with Flickr”

  1. 1 Jake

    Well, it saves the new picture with the old title on Flickr. It also strips ALL Exif data, and changes the “date taken,” removes tags, and inserts an ad for Photoshop Express.

    Pretty poor if you actually like to use tags or EXIF data.

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