Zooomr added to photo hosting site search


I’ve been playing with Zooomr the past few days in my quest to search for a photo hosting site. I’ve updated said site with the following information:


  • Good user rights. Same as what you’d get with Flickr — the “Service” can use your photos for advertising and display, but it’s still yours
  • The main page is rather blah and offputting, but once you register and login to your site, it’s a little confusing to navigate around. Geotagged photos can be viewed on Google Maps. This is nicer than Flickr, which uses Yahoo! and doesn’t have the level of satellite detail. In particular, the individual photo pages themselves are oddly reminiscent of Flickr’s pages. Overall, the site gives a not-quite-polished feel to it.
  • The website provides a lot of interactive features similar to what Flickr provides, such as user tagging, and comments.
  • Provides links to different sizes, including a medium size at 500 pixels wide. It has basic uploading from the website, but JPEG, GIF and PNG only (Flickr allows upload of TIF as well), and general tagging through the website. One major issue for me is that Lightroom keywords stored in the photo metadata isn’t extracted as tags, unlike Flickr. I’d rather not have to retag my photos.
  • No slideshow feature yet! What’s up with this??
  • Has “no upload limit, bandwidth limit, download limit, file size limit, set limit, or number of photo limits” for free, if you don’t mind ads, although I’ve yet to see any. The privilege of not seeing ads will cost $20 a year. You also get to use their Zipline feature (see next).
  • Zooomr seem to position itself as a Flickr on steriods. They have some other feature such as Zipline, which is a sort of notification feature for those interested to know what a particular photographer is doing, Smartsets, for creating photo groupings based on tags, dates, etc., Marketplace, which allows users to put a price on their photos, but doesn’t seem to go the extra step to put in a purchasing system, etc.

My feeling from trying it out for several days is that it needs more work. It needs to be a little more polished, and it needs to get the basics working, like the slideshow feature. I did come across an entry by the developers that they have a slideshow feature in the works, but what was demo’ed only showed a smaller version of the photos. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find that page any more.

I need a photo site that covers all the basic features, and it needs to work well with Lightroom as well. Needing to retag my photos after I’ve already tagged them in Lightroom is a deal breaker.


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  1. 1 forkboy

    I enjoy reading of your search for the right photo hosting site. It seems that so many have so much to offer, but none quite bring it all together. Of course, I felt I had to make a choice and have opted to mess with both Picasa and Flickr. I like what I see of SmugMug (other than the name, which is just awful, or so I think).

    Of course I look quite forward to which one you finally select and for what reasons. Thanks for doing all the hard work for us!

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