Photo contest at Wired: Black and White

05May08 once again has another photo contest. This time the theme is Black and White. I went over some of the submissions and some are really good, and there are some that are just plain bad.

I actually have two B&W shots that I really like that I’m uploading.

Both I’ve displayed in my earlier blogs. One I mentioned before in my blog entry on how luck sometimes mattered in photography:

Waiting in line at the Louvre
While waiting in line at the Louvre

And the other was displayed in my entry about how recent technology changed the balance between the camera body and lens:

Staircase at the Vatican Museum
Beautiful spiral staircase at the Vatican Museum

By the way, I apparently missed their last contest on transportation. Oh well… Here are the editor’s picks from that contest.


7 Responses to “Photo contest at Wired: Black and White”

  1. They are very nice photos. The first photo is really very good. A real tone poem.

    That wired contest doesn’t seem like a good deal. Looks to me like they get people to supply them with content for nothing in return and they also expect to use the submitter’s (or anybody’s but their own) bandwidth.

    You deserve to be paid for your efforts. I bet wired wouldn’t do anything for just the kudos.

    The sad thing about photographey is that so many people want to get into it, as a profession, that there are plenty of people (like wired) that are just waiting to take advantage.

  2. I love both those pictures! I’m curious about what shutter speed you used in the second one to get a blurring effect of the moving people?

  3. 3 TopL

    Thanks for the compliments! I do agree somewhat that the Wired contest is a little hacked together. The contest isn’t all bad though: (1) Might give good ideas on future subjects. In principle I’d like to start from the theme and shoot accordingly, although that hasn’t happened yet. (2) Good to see what other folks submit. I’ve gotten many new ideas from the very good photos uploaded by others. (3) Convenient to get opinions of others. Easy uploading, but the submissions do get buried in a flood of other photos after a while. I might have more to say ,once I’ve gathered my thoughts a little, about contests and what I’m trying to do by starting this site.

    My thanks as well for your kind words. The second shot was took a long time back in 1998 with my old film camera, and I don’t have the settings for it. But if I had to guess, I think I used 100 speed B&W film, a small aperture of about f/16 or so to get enough focus front to back, and a speed of around a second. I recall there was sufficient light as there was a skylight above the staircase.

  4. 4 forkboy

    Excellent choices and best of luck as well.

  5. 5 TopL

    Thanks but the “judges” didn’t feel as much based on the “ratings”. Don’t worry, it’s all good still :-).

  6. very nice photos! did you print them in a wet darkroom?

  7. 7 TopL

    Thanks Aztek.

    I, or rather someone I hired, did print the second in a wet darkroom. Hence a very large version is now hanging over my fireplace. The first is actually a digital shot, but the second is with film. I wish I spent some time in the darkroom, but never had the chance.


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