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Yahoo! has a slideshow presenting aerial photos of an Amazon tribe that has not had contact with the outside world. In the smallish images, you can see the hostility from seeing aircraft as they branish their bow and arrows. It’s quite astonishing to me that given how fast the world is shrinking from exploration and […]

There are much to like about PBase, but then the lack of other features, and the occasional extreme slowness kills it. It’s been rather slow going as I lose interest in searching for a photo hosting site. I need to move faster. PBase Excellent user rights! PBase clearly states that the images uploaded by a […]

Scott Kelby of Photoshop Insider is at it again on backing up photos, and gives more details on how he ensures his photos are safe during and after a photo shoot. The most basic way to say it is: Have at least two copies of your photos saved somewhere at all times. Well, before you […]

This isn’t photography related, but I was so blown away by what I read that I had to share it. Just as the title says, a 16 year old student in Ottawa has found a way to break down plastic bags in THREE MONTHS, instead of the usual hundreds of years!! Fascinating stuff!

Scott Kelby of Photoshop Insider has a story about one of his IT guys forking out $2500 to restore critical data the IT guy lost when his hard drive crashed. Such stories put a price on the risks you take when you neglect to backup your data. While what you have on your hard drive […]