Picasa web added to photo hosting site search


I’ve updated my original photo hosting site search blog with the following for Google’s Picasa web:

Picasa Web

  • Generally good user rights (see #11) — the photographer still owns the rights, but Google can use the photos at their discretion for the Service. This is similar to Flickr’s user rights
  • The layout is not quite as attractive as Flickr’s
  • The Picasa website provides fields for user comments, allows for different sizes of thumbnails, but it’s hard to be a general navigator. The only way to find photos is to search. There’s no discovery of new photos.
  • Provides links to different sizes, including a medium size at 400 pixels wide. The Flickr width of 500 pixels is better, but this ain’t bad. Easy uploading through Picasa software (see below), and tagging through the software
  • Nothing to complain about the slideshow feature. It occupies the full screen, has the basic controls and black background
  • Free with 1GB space with no limitations on number of albums you can create. You can upgrade storage space to 10GB for $20 a year, 40GB for $75, etc. See here.
  • However, it does seem there’s no way to make your albums completely private — the album won’t be published on your webpage, but anyone can directly access the URL is they’re aware of it

The biggest difference with Picasa is the usage of Picasa software to more easily interact with the web site. While I don’t need another software to manage my images since I’m already using Lightroom, the ease of uploading images to Picasa’s website is nice. The software has good features for editing images, geotagging photos through Google Earth (into a separate ini file, but not directly into the image’s metadata), but I’ve found problems with it. Through the software, you can see metadata for JPEGs but apparently not for TIF or my NEF files, even though they’re there. The uploaded images are converted to JPEG and the metadata remain missing. So it seems that you should mainly stick with JPEGs with the software if this limitation affects you. Also, it doesn’t seem to be color managed, so what you see may not be what you get.

So far I think Picasa and the software is a contender for now for my specific needs.


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