Farmers Market photo


This past weekend was another nice weekend with relatively warm weather. My wife and I decided to visit the downtown Portland farmers market on Saturday, and I lugged along my D200 hoping to get some shots. It was particularly busy given the scarcity of nice days during time time. This wasn’t my first time taken pictures here, and I decided to skip shooting flowers and tried to make a theme out of shooting vegetables this time. Given that we only found parking in a 1 hour lot, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to explore, and I must say shooting vegetables isn’t easy.

In the end, this shot of red radishes is one of the better ones. The red looks perfect in Lightroom, but on the web, the red is luminescent on my Dell LCD monitor. Yes, my monitor is calibrated. Guess that’s what I’ll have to live with until I switch over to Safari or Firefox 3, both of which can correctly display photos tagged with a colorspace.

Red radishes
Red radishes at the Portland farmers market

So how did your weekend go? If you have any good photos, link them in the comments.


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