Adobe TV launches


Adobe has just launched Adobe TV and a media player.

I haven’t tried the media player, so I won’t comment much on it. However, I have tried out Adobe TV and I like it.

It has many instructional videos and programming on a variety of topics from using Photoshop and Lightroom, to Dreamweaver and programs from Layers TV. While it’s mostly to promote products from Adobe, they’ve done an excellent job putting everything together in a single cohesive site, with easy navigate. The pretty face doesn’t hurt either.

Adobe TV page with photography programming
Adobe TV main page

I’ve tried out several Photoshop videos and like the content provided, like this one about changing the sky in your images.

Training video on replacing sky in a photo using Photoshop
Adobe TV video stream

You can watch the video in the smaller screen, or a full screen format as well, although this particular video doesn’t have enough pixels to not appear pixelated on my 1600×1200 screen.

I’m sure I’ll be checking out more videos in due time.


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