Photo contest at Wired: Macro


Wired is hosting another photo contest. This time the topic is “Macro”. The title is broad enough to open up to a lot of possibilities.

Here’s my submission of a butterfly taken in the Butterfly Exhibit at the Oregon Zoo. This is one of my favorite shots for some reason. I think the softness of the colors of the flowers, the bold balack and red of the butterfly, and the shallow depth of field helps. Unfortunately, I had the misfortune of forgetting to set my camera to shoot in raw, so this was actually taken as a JPEG. That greatly limited the postprocessing I could do on it, but I was lucky enough that the exposure was right and I didn’t blow out any highlights.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Butterly 1

One of the limitations of the Wired contest page is that you only see the small images that fit in the comment section. That’s really insufficient to show how good the images can be. If you’re also posting to that page, do also post in my comment section and link to the larger sizes. I’d love to see your submissions.


One Response to “Photo contest at Wired: Macro”

  1. 1 forkboy1965

    Ahhh….another person who likes contrast in their images! Yes, this is just the sort of thing I like. Great photo.

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