Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 goes beta


Early today (or late last night), Adobe announced that Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 Beta is available for downloads. This was a pretty big deal because while I’ve been using Lightroom (LR) for a while now, there are definitely several areas that can be improved upon.

I’m not exactly a somebody in this area, so I wasn’t invited to be an alpha tester for the new Lightroom. But Ian Lyons was, and he’s written up a nice uhmm… write-up on the new and the improved.

In particular, what excites me are the following:

  1. I can now import my panoramas into LR. It has been quite a pain to have to deal with them separately
  2. I can now sharpen the output when I export images
  3. I don’t have to create an intermediate file, be it TIFF or PSD, just to edit the image in Photoshop. This means I don’t need to delete the file from LR if I decide to not proceed with the Photoshop edits
  4. LR now has a Suggested Keywords list. Maybe this will help clean up my keywords a little
  5. I can do localized edits on my images. They don’t always have to go to Photoshop for minor localized edits any longer

This is all pretty cool. There are more features that I’ll need to play with to better understand, and there are others, such as multiple monitor support, that I’ll just not be able to try out — although if someone wishes to send me a 24″ LCD, I’ll be glad to give that a go as well.

Do note that you don’t want to do production work with this. Adobe doesn’t guarantee that the files created with the beta will be openable when it goes to production.


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