Adobe Photoshop Express: Get it while it’s hot


If you’re subscribed to any photography blog or read any online photography news, you’d know that Adobe’s version of online photo sharing, editing, etc. is now live.

It has a nice clean interface. Its editing features are pretty slick in that you can easily see what kind of effects your photograph will have, for example from changing the white balance from one type to another, without actually committing to the choice. Its slideshow features are also quite intuitive.

Still there are some areas that can be improved:

  • No support for TIF uploads at this point
  • No tagging features
  • Where’s the metadata display?
  • No link with Adobe Lightroom

Basically, it won’t replace Flickr just yet. It IS only in beta, so I’m hopeful it’ll get better.

Here’s site on Photoshop Express:

Go get yours before your favorite username is taken.


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